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Default "Five in five!" (at Wallops)

Hello All,

Here is an interesting quintet of sounding rockets that would make for an interesting--and challenging--scale project (although their common Terrier boosters would make their boosters interchangeable). This month, NASA plans to launch five sounding rockets (of three different designs) in an approximately five-minute period at the Wallops Flight Facility. The ATREX (Anomalous Transport Rocket EXperiment, see: ) will launch a Terrier-Oriole, two Terrier-Improved Orion, and two Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rockets carrying "tracer" chemical release payloads and instrumented payloads to gather data on the high-altitude jetstream located 60 to 65 miles above the Earth. Photographs of these rocket types can be seen here: .

I hope this information will be useful.
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