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Being the northernmost denizen of this electronic realm (unless there's a YORF member in Barrow, or in Canada above the Arctic Circle), I can state with a pretty high degree of confidence that my winters are the most severe (-60 F, often with ice fog so thick that streetlights disappear, their light being completely blocked). And yet:

Having lived in both places, I have found that winters in Miami (Florida, not Ohio) were more miserable than here in Fairbanks, in the cold interior of Alaska. Here, the lower humidity enables us to be comfortable & cozy with the heat on. In Miami, our teeth chattered at +40 F, standing in front of our Florence two-burner kerosene heating stove in the living room. Even standing directly in front of it, we were *still* cold on our sides and backs, even under our clothes. The very high (90% and higher) humidity made it a wet, clammy cold, which we felt *inside* our clothes, even though it was 100 F warmer there than here. Also:

That is why I do not look down with derision upon those who speak of how cold it is in the south, or in any of the lower 48 states. The highest number of hypothermia deaths occur in Hawaii, because so many unsuspecting people (mostly tourists, I think) figure that, being a Sun-drenched tropical paradise, it's perfectly safe to sleep on or near the beaches at night in the ocean breeze...
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