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I actually have an indoor paint booth (extra bay in the garage) with a separate heater and exhaust fan, so I can paint almost anytime. I have a new way I am painting my rockets. No more Krylon products, no more sanding sealers. The only issue is that I am using enamels and it takes at least 48 hours for the paints to fully cure.

I miss the old Krylon lacquers (no drips and dried in 10 minutes or less) but the current Krylon products are so inferior it is not worth even considering using them. I usually get all my paints at Walmart or a big box store and I wonder if anyone else has noticed their shelves are well stocked with Krylon products, it seems to me no one else is buying then either. Too bad for Sherwin Williams, I have a lot of respect for the company, always wanted to work for them, and now it seems they let their product quality for consumers slip for one reason or another. I know I can still get the Krylon Industrial Acryli Quik Acrylic Laquers ( if I shop around for them, but its not worth my time and effort especially now having to pay for shipping costs.
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