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Default Centuri Aero-Dart and LIA-100: 'Birthday' Date

About a year and half ago, I was able to pick up a 1962 and 1963 Centuri catalog (which almost NEVER appear for sale) along with a 1963 Estes catalog and a couple other minor model rocket manufacturer's catalogs in one group.

The 1962 Centuri catalog is especially notable as it was their very first catalog. But what I noticed on page 18 of the catalog was of some additional interest. This page features the original three-finned Aero-Dart design and the LIA-100 heavy duty launcher (page scan below).

What is notable on that page is, in essence, a 'birthday' for each of these two items as the page is stamped by both items "AVAILABLE AFTER SEPT. 1, 1962".

Obviously, this catalog was released before that date, with anticipated availability of those two items by Sept 1. Assuming Centuri met that date, then maybe one can assume a 'birthdate' for each as 9-1-1962. That would make them 23 days younger than me.

Both items are still nice, functional designs which have held up well over the years. My 'design' though I don't think has held up as well!

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