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I bought one at J.C. Penny's and built it, but was not allowed to buy any motors. The body tube eventually got damaged, but I kept the nose cone and fins. In a way it was my first rocket, but it never flew.

A few years later I finally convinced my parents to let me get into rocketry, thanks to my cousins and a trip to their farm to launch some rockets. They had a non-ejection with a DRM and gave me the crashed rocket and an old catalog. I repaired it and ordered a Challenger-1 starter kit and a pack of motors for the DRM. The rest is history.

BTW, I eventually bought a couple more Akela-1 kits and still have all the nose cones and a few fins. That's how I know the current Estes Viking fins are slightly different from the classic Akela-1, but nobody seems to believe me.
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