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Default Build Progress 6 - Complete load Cg test

Hi All,

Aren't you glad we don't live on the East coast right now!!!!

So here's what got done this last couple of weeks:
  • Added the forward rail button
  • Added about 150g of steel shot to the nose cone tip
  • Epoxied the coupler to the nose cone
  • Drilled out vent holes and the holes to attach the payload section to the AV Bay
  • Test mounted the camera shroud to the payload section

So with pretty much all the build elements done it was time to load up the bird with all recovery gear and a K540M motor in a 54mm/1706 case and test for Cg.

The attached pics show the rocket balancing at the Cg, which turned out to match almost exactly where the OpenRocket simulation estimated the Cg. With the K540M motor it results in about 1.4 calibers of stability. When we move up to a 54mm/2560 motor we'll lose a little and might have to add a little more nose weight.

So now we just wait like everybody else for the 50 degree days when we can start painting in the garage and then land testing the ejection system.

Looking forward to the Bong!!!


Matt and Nate
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