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Default Build Progress 2

Hi All,

Forgot to mention that before actually setting the forward centering rings and recovery strap we fixed the MMT into the tail cone. We fixed the Aeropak retainer and one centering ring to the MMT and then epoxied it into the tailbone. Epoxied the tail cone connector in place, used the Dremel to widen the fin slots and then moved on to fixing the fins.

We then got to use our new toy: Gorilla Guillotine Fin Jig!!! Wow this fin jig is awesome and easy to use... worth every penny. To keep everything in alignment we

We used Great Planes 30 minutes epoxy and ran internal fillets prior to foaming the fin can with Public Missles Ltd. Adjustable Density Foam.

We played around with the foam as instructed filling solo cups prior to foaming the tail cone. We decided to not add any water just a 1:1 mix of parts A and B. It took a couple of additions, waiting for it to solidify between each pour. The hard part was digging out the overage to make sure the centering ring would sit down evenly on the forward edges of the fins.

This was our first time foaming a fin can and it seemed to work out well. Not sure I would be comfortable using this technique on anything but fiberglass.

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