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Default Build Progress

Hi All,

Only snafu with the kit was a tail cone that was about 4 inches too long. A quick email to Tim and Jackie resulted in their typical friendly and prompt reply and shipment of the correct sized tail cone.

This kit is interesting as it has a 36" MMT that needs to run from the bottom all the way up to beyond the front fins. We had to Dremel out the fin slots a bit to get a perfect fit. Also had to Dremel out a portion of the connector tube that links the tail cone to the booster section. There was some overlap.

We attached an Aeropak retainer to the bottom of the MMT followed by 3 centering rings.

For the recovery cord we've been using nylon strap and using an awl to sew our own loops. After making some notches in the forward centering rings we ran the nylon recovery strap under and epoxied against the MMT.

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