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We've gotten a GREAT initial response to the WOOSH BOOTH at Maker Faire Milwaukee through
the club email list. This thread can also be used to express interest in helping out!

All of the club officers - Russ, Mark, Carl and myself will be there for some significant portion of one or both days! Dennis Pallen also will be doing some Booth Duty. If you want to help we have plenty of room in the schedule.
See the BIG POSTABOVE for what it's all about.
We definitely need more rockets for exhibition. So you can PRESENT and REPRESENT at the same time. We're waiting to hear from YOU. All sizes and skill levels will be considered for display!! Show your work off to a BIG CROWD of enthusiastic people from all over the city, state, and region.

This is as good a place as any to ask. Otherwise, if you're hooked into the WOOSH email list that'll work too.
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