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Default Reward! Please help if you can!

I was at the launch yesterday (7/26) at Bong and sent up my Binder Design Velociraptor. Was only to go up about 2,300 ft., drogue and then deploy the main at 800 feet. It went JUST far enough over that it landed in the tall brush just before a small clump of trees and a line of bushes. I made three trips out to trudge through the brush to find it and finally had to quit. I live in Deerfield, WI, so I'm quite a ways off. If anyone is inclined to help a fellow club member out and give it a shot looking for this expensive rocket, I would be eternally grateful -- I'd pay a nice reward for it! Below is a pic of the rocket and a hand-drawn map of where everyone saw it go down.

Thank you!

PS - I would have had a tracker on it, but I didn't know the club had them to loan out until it was too late...
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