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Default Changes made to FreeForAll [Must Read!]

Due to the continued and increasing abuse of the original intent of the FreeForAll forum by a few members of YORF, all posts made there will now be moderated. That means they won't show up for others to read until I approve them.

In conjunction with this change I've updated the forum rules. Please re-read them to acquaint yourself with the changes:

I really did not want to do this. It makes a lot more work for me and slows down the discussion process in that forum. Unfortunately, a few people had to continue pushing the envelope.

I created YORF to give model rocketeers a place to discuss old model rockets and to keep the history of model rocketry alive. Since it's impractical to create a separate forum area for every aspect of rocketry I created the FreeForAll forum where people could talk about other rocketry things that didn't have its own forum and for light-hearted non-rocketry discussion. Instead, it has devolved to mud-slinging, complaining, name calling and the like. I'm sick of it and won't tolerate it anymore.

Maybe it's my fault for calling the area FreeForAll? No, I can't blame myself since I have forum rules that state how people should conduct themselves here.

Maybe someday down the road I'll lift the need for moderation of that area. Until then all posts in FreeForAll will be moderated. If you don't see something you wrote appear on the site within 24 hours, you can be certain that what you wrote does not follow the guidelines. This system should be self-teaching. If you make a post that does not appear within a day you should know not to post that type of content in the future. I will give members one freebie where I won't contact you if I have to delete a post. The second time I have to delete a post of yours you will get a verbal warning. If it happens a third time, you'll be suspended for 30 days. Should a member who is reinstated after their 30-day suspension break the forum rules again, they will be permanently banned from YORF.

Again, I'm sorry to the vast majority of the YORF membership that have been able to follow a few simple rules. As is almost always the case, a few can ruin something good for everyone.
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