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Originally Posted by Carl@Semroc
I have not put the DOM kits on the list until now. Even though they were not kits at the time of first publication, several did make the grade later. Even though they are in the same database, I will add a way (later) to filter them from the actual kits.

I now have the Loadlifter 1-A, Space Twins, and Starship Excalibur in the works. All start with P0xx in the number field.

Additional recommendatios welcome.

I am thinking of adding the "JTP" back instead of the xKits. We get dealers trying to order the xKits, thinking they are complete. Then when they sell them, we get a flood of emails about problems with the missing instructions, substandard shock cords, etc.

Space Twins........YEAH, BABY!!! There was another one in particular that I liked, but I'll have to go back through the plans to see what it was. (One of my QUARK friends flew one that he'd built as a kid, then accidentally stepped on it when he was looking for it in the tall grass. )
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