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Originally Posted by BARGeezer
Happy Independence Day everyone! Don't have any fireworks, so I'm celebrating by building this OOP Quest X-30 Aerospace Plane. It's a cardstock shell, balsa fins, paper tubes and a couple of styrene parts. (Hey, it's the only red, white and blue kit I've got in my build pile). Got this a couple of months ago from a vendor who must have had it in inventory for DECADES. The white portion of the cardstock is slightly yellow, and the instructions for prepping the motor mentions Tiger Tail ignitors! Anyway, finished up this morning by completing the recovery system: dual parachutes. And no finishing needed! Need to reinforce the front and aft of the cardstock shell with CA on the inside to minimize zippering and landing damage. Cool build, I like the intake scoop on the bottom. Gave a passing thought to rigging the recovery system to bring it down horizontally, but then I'd have to worry about damage to the cardstock scoop. Laters, gators!

Your X-30 looks good. Enjoy it!

BTW, here's one of Dave Schaefer's X-30 flights at LDRS a few years ago. I don't remember this one, but the landing wasn't pretty.

[Edit] Here's the better one, from NTHP.


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