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Default Cardstock "twins" and a question

In an attempt to pare down my build pile(s), I pulled a couple of cardstock kits and worked on them over the past two days: the Sunward Space Speedster and the Model Minutes Space Racer. It wasn't until I had the two packages together and I looked at the face cards that I realized that they were almost identical. They even have the same graphics on the fin pods. The Model Minutes kit is all paper, even the motor tube which you have to roll and glue. The Sunward kit uses a BT-20 tube for the motor and paper skins over foamboard for the fins. Both have pop pod ejection and parachute recovery.

By far the most difficult part of both kits is forming the main body shroud into a long spike tip. If you've ever done a TLP kit that has a spike tip nose cone extension you'll know what I mean. The Sunward kit is a skill level 2, and the face card says "easy to build". The Model Minutes kit is a skill level: beginner. Not!

Anyway, my question was does anyone know why the similarities between the two kits? Did Sunward acquire all or part of Model Minutes when the company folded? I notice that they are both Canadian companies. Also , looking at the Ye Olde Rocket Plans website, I've noticed that a couple of Sunward kits are identical to the kits that Canaroc had, another Canadian company. Specifically the (Sunward) Galactic Wave looks almost exactly like the (Canaroc) Starfighter Scorpion and the (Sunward) Gravity Rider is nearly identical to the (Canaroc) Starship Antares. Did the same designer work for both companies, or did Sunward acquire the rights when Canaroc folded? If anyone knows, please let me know, especially our friends up north. Laters.
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