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I flew all three kits at NSL. I'd have flown the booster, too, but I goofed putting it together and it wasn't going to work (thanks to Carl for helping me puzzle out where I'd made the mistake).

The Starship Excalibur and the Centurion-F only each got flown once. I flew the Starship Excalibur only onced because it was pretty windy and I didn't want to risk damage on rough recoveries (hard dry desert to land on) more than once - though the one flight was just fine. The Centurion-F spit the 24mm mount and shredded two shroud lines (though it was a pretty boost to 1072 feet - on an E12-6). Since there were no 29mm Es, just Fs, available for sampling I decided not to risk it.

The Maxi Micron, on the other hand, got six flights at NSL on Estes C6-5s, Aerotech D10-5s and one on a D21-7. Since then (and even though it's now sporting Carl's signature) it's been up twice more on an Estes and a Quest B6-4 (this in a school yard). I like it. I did put an ST-18 baffle in it so as to not use bunches of wadding.

I'll be building another Booster-18 - hopefully correctly - and then get to see how staging this works.
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