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Exclamation New Design -- Abrogator

Apparently I've seen the "Babylon 5" TV show at least *one* time too many, and I borrowed the gold and purple color scheme from the Centauri ships.

Definition: abrogate - revoke formally. abolish, get rid of - do away with.

I can hear Londo Mollari saying in his Hungarian accent, "We are formally revoking your *tiny leetle government's* independence, and sending our personal representative to oversee your planet for us. "

I'll post the fin pattern later, but I wanted to get your input on this design.

I have several others of this general size (Semroc/Centuri ST-10 upper body tube/ST-13 lower body tube). While I prefer 3 fins instead of 4, with this maximum diameter (1.34"), I often have to increase the number to 5 fins to get reasonably slow (i.e., "non-chute shredding") deployment velocities. These fins extend about 2.75" from the lower body tube.

Craig and anybody else, got any thoughts along these lines? Please post 'em here!

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