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After shockwaveriderz posted about the other GHS designs in his book "Earth Satellites and the Race for Space Superiority", I went browsing around on the net looking for an affordable copy of this 64 year old book.

Found one on ABE Books that happened to be located an a vendor local to me, the great old Barbers Book Store in downtown Fort Worth.

Here are the most interesting drawings in the book. A shame that only one is a full three view, but it is what it is. Still very interesting to me.

First drawing is of his concept for a larger experimental rocket plane, sort of an X-15 follow-on, the Griffon.

Next is a group illustration that includes the Griffon, a point to point intercontinental rocket transport called the Aeolus and an orbital rocket plane called the Nomad.

Lastly, a shuttle rocket called the Meteor that he envisioned be used to construct the first large manned space station.

Some interesting possibilities for rocket gliders and rockets......
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