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Since this is a very old necro thread, I'll note that Photobucket should be renamed with the "B" replaced by an "F". They even demanded $399 "ransomware" from users in 2017, till the public outrage got so big.

So, I doubt those who recommended Photo*ucket over 10 years ago feel that way about them anymore.

Anyway, I use for my pics, as above. No graffiti-marks, no ransom demands, free, easy.

I will note that this forum's software does not scale down externally linked large images as most other forum software does. So if the image is "two screens wide", it is going to display it two screens wide, stretching the TEXT two screens wide too, requiring side scrolling . So, usually when I post pics here, I'll post a lower-res copy unless I forget or do not notice.

If I wanted to post a very big image that someone might want to download (such as a drawing or a hi-res photo of a real rocket for scale data), I'd post it twice. Smaller version for the screen, and a link-only (URL tags, no "IMG" tags) for the hi-res, and point out in my message the link is for the hi-res version. I first started using Imgur because a drawing I posted using forum software, automatically shrank the image to the point that the drawing resolution was unreadable, and many details of the drawing were wasted into mush.
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