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Originally Posted by Jerry Irvine
When I first saw your photos, my first thought was not, "look at that cluster", or "look at that rocket". It was "where is all that grass"? Lawndart is only guaranteed possible when fully surrounded by lawn.

Thanks for rating a national ad.

BTW we have Swarm w/payload in stock for immediate delivery. We only sell it with payload now. I blame Dale.


That Super Sod farm was a great launch site. Too bad we had flyers that wouldn't follow directions to stay off the neighbors property (pecan grove with very shallow irrigation system) or would use the field on days other than scheduled launches. The Super Sod folks were fantastic to us.

TARA and SoAR are always seeking new HP capable fields. I'm fortunate to have just bought a house in Chestertown, MD 30 miles north of MDRA's launch site. Can't wait to finish packing and moving. First launch I attend I'm going old school with USR, Rocket R&D, and NCR (before Estes) rockets. Maybe some THOY and AAA stuff thrown in the mix as well.
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