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Yea, GH, I fully agree that the C5-3 had a unique place for flying heavier models. Or, in my case, gliders.

Even the B8 wasn't too bad, either, as its different burn profile as well as differed delays from the usual -4 stuff in the B line sometimes was perfect.

In reply to Blackshire, I quit selling glider kits back in '98, mainly due to not being able to post pics/vids online then. OF course, I'm referring to the Novus Aerospace stuff, which I believe is upon Rocket Reviews for a few of them.

The easy delta PG is just that. You'd take like a 4x6 index card and cut out a delta planform, with the long side being the chord. You'd bend that in the middle, and tape/glue that to a 1/8" wood dowel, about 8" long. Bend up the tips a bit, barely noticeably, and then tape/glue on the paper clip hook.

These would be great on BT50 or larger models, Athena sized or so, with the glider resting as far aft as possible between fins. 3 finned models give more space to allow for this over the 4's.

Of course, this is easily upscaled, using cereal box cardboard and such, and needing larger rocket carriers. Used to have a BT101 adapted to 2xBT80 rocket more than 20 years ago that was perfect for carrying 4 of these larger PGs. Now, getting them all back, well.....
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