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Default Estes Manta II B/G query

Hello All,

I recently had an Estes Manta II Launch Set (see: ) sent to a British ex-pat friend of mine who lives in France. The reviews of the kit on that page say that the little delta winged glider flies in a straight line, which often makes a really big field necessary for recovering it successfully (particularly with "B" or "C" motors and/or on days with any wind). I have three questions about this:

[1 and 2] I know that trimming the glider to turn gently to the left will help to prevent downwind and thermal "fly away" glides, but what is/are the best way(s) to trim this glider for that? (I was thinking of either an upward-canted tape [or card stock] "elevon tab" affixed to the left wing tip [perhaps set in position with a drop of white glue after hand-toss trimming tests], or a similar "rudder tab" affixed to the vertical stabilizer, or perhaps a tiny bit of clay ballast applied to the left wing tip. Has anyone here tried these methods, and if so, which one worked best?)

[3] The Estes website says that replacement Manta II gliders are also available (it's always good to have a spare...), but I couldn't find a listing for them on the Estes website. Is there an order form for replacement ones in the Manta II Launch Set?

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
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