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Originally Posted by K'Tesh
But the Vigilante was a two stage (single engine per stage) rocket. This is a single stage two engine cluster rocket.

BTW, the shock cord mount is not part of a baffle, but with one or two additional "plates" it could.

Yes, I know... the Vigilante was one of my favorite rockets from my high school age pre-BAR rocketry foray... but the fin planform, tube proportions, nosecone profile, all look amazingly like the Vigilante. Not sure what size tube this rocket uses, probably larger than the Vigilantes (IIRC) BT-55 tube, since it's a two motor cluster, but if you dropped the lower stage off the Vigilante and put it side by side with this one, it would appear as a virtual upscale of the Vigilante sustainer from what I can tell...

Interesting about the shock cord attachment... guess that was something that was experimented with?? I noticed upon closer inspection of the pics that your right-- no lower parts to create the "labyrinth" necessary to make it a baffle-- just an interesting shock cord attachment method, which would, I suppose, create a 'shelf' to prevent the parachute from sliding aft down the tube under thrust... but it wouldn't be hard to make into a baffle with the addition of 2-3 more of the same profile 'disks' to which the shock cord attaches...

Guess I should have explained better...

Just sayin'... OL JR
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