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It was nice to have my question answered in such a definitive fashion.

I've never built an egg lofter or a clustered rocket and when I saw the Egg Crate, I knew it would be on the order as well as the Red Eye. It's been my favorite of the lofters.

I purchased Semroc's Vega as well, to go with the Centurion and 'Bertha. I like that class of rocket and most manufacturerers have one. I don't know if I'll ever get a Big Betty, but if a deal or convenient opportunity turns up—maybe.

Finally, I snagged a Stellar Spartan. For two reasons: One, I've thought that any self respecting Centuri fanboy should have one in their collection and; two, Semroc is so good as to toss in the Red Eye as a free kit to it's SAM's, I felt it was a good time to add a 'Spartan to an order.

Looking forward to that Semroc box. I really don't need any more rockets to build (I have a right fair back-log). I just want that Semroc fix. I don't know why.

Thank you Semroc folks.
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