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Originally Posted by sandman
Something like this works for me.

Maybe not specifically the ones shown but something like that.

I like the ones you can see through. It makes it easier to find a specific kit.

I get mine st my local Family Dollar Store.

They stack better if you stay with one standard size.

I'm just saying.

Me Too! What he said!
I use the Sterilite 64 to 66 qt size clear plastic storage boxes. These are the right size for most kits, even some large ones. These bins have locking lids and one can stack a dozen on top of each other (as long as we're talking rocket kits, that is).
I have mine numbered with each one's contents written in a master notebook. This is not only important for ease of finding a particular kit, but it is necessary for insurance in case something really bad happens (fire, flood, mad wife/girlfriend...). A good video taping of your stuff isn't bad, either, for insurance purposes.
I'm up to 30 bins! I have yet to bin-ify such things as Sat V kits and kits already in large boxes, because they are protected by their own packaging and won't get wet in my shop.
I still should inventory them better, tho...

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