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Originally Posted by UCBadger
Just out of curiosity.........

Those of you who have a collection of unbuilt kits (either because you collect kits or just can't resist buying all the great rockets Semroc comes out with), how do you store them?

I had to clean out my rocket work area in my basement, because during the heavy rains our area had this spring/summer, I got some seepage in parts of my basement where there never was seepage before. Nothing important got wet, but it was time to clean and reorganize. I built a shelf under my work bench (if you call laying boards over the side braces of said bench "building" ) and placed my many shipping boxes containing kits on the shelf, filling said shelf pretty much up.

I am considering getting appropriate sized plastic tubs or boxes to put kits, supplies, launch stuff, and the like into. How do you store your kits if you use such tubs.....flat?.....on edge?.....



I use Rubbermaid totes for kit storage. Each one is numbered and then I track the contents with a spreadsheet. I have a pegboard in the hobby room that I hang my favorites on. Smaller clear bins for parts and supply storage.

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