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Originally Posted by Carl@Semroc
The G-T has just moved to the coming soon list. It is the most requested on the list, but it has many issues. It is not a very accurate scale model; semi-scale is a generous description. The original came out about the same time as the K-22 V-2, which is also a semi-scale at best .It is one of our most successful xKits, even with its problems. Nostalgia is probably the reason.

The plastic fins are the biggest problem. I will try laser cut Lexan 3/32" clear fins when I get time The original CAB fins are hard to do for most modelers. Like the Saturn 1B, the G-T will probably be closer to the original version than trying to make it into something else (like a faithful scale model ).

The final problem is the price. It has lots of parts make it a $40+ kit which makes it too expensive. for most people. An option is to just release it as an xKit; a bag of parts for experts.
Carl, an xKit of the GT-3 would be fine by me; I'd be perfectly happy with xKits of the MPC Miniroc kits as well. Xkits of these and other small rockets (the Aero-Hi, Javelin/Super Flea, Rogue, Mini-Dactyl, and Nova mini motor-powered kits, etc.) would also make good bulk-packaged school and youth group kits, as including just one print-out of each kit's instructions from JimZ or Ye Olde Rocket Plans (including the URLs so that the teachers could print out more copies if desired, although they could just photocopy the one) with the parts would enable them to conduct group kit-building, painting, and flying sessions.
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