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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
...Any idea WHEN we are going to be able to get our paws on ANY Semroc engines ????
There are not enough hours in a day and it seems like there are fewer all the time. We have to take in outside work to help pay the bills and still have to release a new kit each month. Having to invest over 200 hours to release a kit that will gross about $5,000 over its life means it takes most of our time to just stay even. If we could take a few months to work full time on engines, we would have them, but we would be out of business in the process.

Since the projected annual sales figures from the Engine Survey are only about $17K from SAM's, we can't afford to spend the time on engines that we would like to. We work on them when we get free time, but it is rare right now. We hope when the economy gets better, we will be able to burn off some inventory to help finance engines.
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