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Originally Posted by Carl@Semroc
There are some new items on the Engine Survey page. Qualification testing on the Hybrid Port engines is complete and posted. Results for the 1/2A4, A7, 3/4B7, B7, 3/4C6, and C6 are given in a drawing and .eng files....The hybrid port has a slightly deeper drill than standard to get the 18N peak....Now we have to decide whether to release the standard 11N peak as well as the hybrids or just release the hybrids and avoid the confusion...Feedback and comments are welcome!
I ran a quick sim of the B7 as the first stage booster in an Astron Farside, and it looks to be sufficient, at about 43fps on a 3' rod. Even the A7 should work, at 39fps, staging at 18'! A B7-A7-1/2A4 combo puts it at 580', staging at 64 & 141 ft. Here's a vote for the hybrids, so we can fly our small 3 stagers again!
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