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Being an E2X-equivalent, it's basically done now. The nose is already painted, and only the decals remain.

But, on my prior builds, I goofed the positioning a few times. That adhesive grips immediately, and if you try to move it, it lifts the silver coating on the tube.

This time, I used the drop of soap in the water trick. I mixed up a small amount of water with a drop or two of shampoo. Before applying the decal, I wetted the back of it with the soapy water. I also spread a thin layer of soapy water on the body tube where the fin was to go. This film gave me a small opportunity to position the decal before it stuck hard. When it was in place, I wiped down the decal with a towel, squeezing out the water and letting the adhesive bond to the paper tube.
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