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Now, there's not much left to build. Just the recovery system.

The Trajector comes with a variant of the tri fold. It has a couple pieces of plastic that hold the shock cord, and then that is glued inside the body tube. It's OK, but I went with a baffle instead.

Once it was assembled, I needed to see where to place it. So, I laid out the nose, the parachute and cord , and the baffle on my measuring board. I decided that about 9" would be enough space to hold the shoulder of the nose, the 'chute, and the cord. (On the photo, it is from 10" to 19" on my board)

I fastened the shock cord to the baffle, with a eyelet. The eyelet was attached to the top of the baffle after I reinforced it with two disks that came with the baffle.

To glue the baffle, I used an old-time technique. Get a long dowel and mark it with tape about how far the glue should go in. Then, put a big goop of glue on the end of the dowel, and insert it into the body tube. At the right distance, smear that goop around the inside of the tube. Do that a few times.

I did that for the top and bottom of the baffle. I also wetted the baffle edges with glue so it would be ready to stick when I shoved it into place with that dowel. Oh yeah, I had to do it over some scrap paper, because that glob sometimes dripped before I got it into the tube.
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