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Default Interceptors and siblings: Estes Trajector

This is my third build of a Trajector. The first one got lost into a creek on its first launch. The second was OK, but I didn't like how the plastic pieces glued together. So, I built it again to get it better, and in part, to add to my build of Interceptor family members.

The Trajector is basically an E2X rocket, but in the Pro Series II group. There's no painting or cutting. It's mainly gluing and sticking on decals. Not waterslide decals, but stick in place decals.

The motor mount is a lot like the ones in the E2X rockets, with plastic rings. Since it uses larger motors, 29mm, the bottom of the mount screws on with threads, instead of just twist-on detents for a better grip.

The fins are some kind of plastic, ABS I think, and maybe the pods are as well. This member of the Interceptor family only has three fins, and they are all the same. At least they have pods on the tips of the fins. The lugs are also of the same type of plastic.

The nose is the same as the Interceptor-E and as the Cosmic Interceptor.
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