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Originally Posted by Blushingmule

What a great find!

Looking at the Cherokee face card, I noticed launch lug stand-offs. Had no idea...

Also never new about the 2-piece fins.

Many thanks to K'tesh for digging up the info.


Yes, the two piece fins were news to me until this thread and the fact that I was able to snag these kits was just happenstance. The standoff is, I suppose, to support their kit instruction recommendations to use a 'rail' for launching on D motors (see bottom right of page 1 of the instruction set). The 'standoff' material is 1/16" dowel an inch long.

I did not want to 'turn the knife' too hard about the price paid for this batch of kits, but the $70 was the 'delivered' price (with shipping); the actual purchase price for the batch was just $60. Sometimes you just get plain lucky....

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