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Originally Posted by frognbuff
It can be frustrating when Station 0 isn't where you think it should be. In my experience, STA 0 may be tied to something like a location on the launch pad/launch rail. That way the ground segment and flight segment stations match. Even more frustrating than having to account for an oddball STA 0 when dimensioning a model is having the flight and ground segments use completely different stations when you need to work with both. You have to be aware there IS an offset (not always obvious when looking at a drawing of one or the other), and you have to know the magnitude (conversion factor, if you like) of the offset. Far easier when everything is made to align!

As a land surveyor, I have had to work with stations and offsets for all sorts of roadway projects, shoreline projects an others. Even more fun would be when roadways with differing station numbers would cross at an intersection. Or when an older drawing had a differing STA 0+00 or used a different baseline. And then of course differing survey crews would come up with a different distance between stations which would have to be accounted for.
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