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Originally Posted by tbzep
Friction fit your replacement pretty tight with a little masking tape on the shoulder. Get some yellow electrical tape to make it look more like the original Cineroc catalog shots and add more more security. Split the tape down the middle by laying it on a clean piece of glass or other smooth surface.
In this case, with tape inside and out, I think Tim's got it covered.

But, generally speaking, with nosecones on payload sections, I like to put a string on the nosecone (using a screw eye and maybe a snap swivel) and anchor the other end in the payload section. That way, even if the nosecone comes off, perhaps due to a hard ejection, it will still be retained on the rocket.

I actually got a small zipper on the payload section of my L1 flight using this technique, but it wasn't enough to DQ the flight. However, losing the NC would have!


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