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Default Progress on the Website


Unless something breaks before I can get it posted, I'm through with the coding and scripting. The last two files were written this morning: A better (meaning simplified) "Newest Arrival" page, which is the first page a visitor will actually see; and a "force the download" script which tells the client browser not to try and open a download, but just to save it in a folder somewhere on your computer.

One nav-bar link was removed -- the Blogsite tab -- and the link itself was moved to a list of "Our Favorite Links"...

A suggestion to include "thumbnail" images along with the catalog grids is being looked at. If I can get a "hovering blob" to work with the PHP being used, I might be able to incorporate something in the NEXT REVISION. It's not a bad idea, I'm simply freezing the code as-is in terms of new additions. My workload with this website still remains manually entering just under 700 model designs into the database, along with resizing nearly 700 JPGs, and transferring model data into nearly 700 PHP data files. As of this post, I already have 51 models entered. You get the idea...
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