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Originally Posted by aeppel_cpm
If you're trying to get an accurate CP, then (as mentioned) OR won't do it. Rocksim has an essentially empirical adjustment that tries to handle it. YMMV. I like to build sims. But I don't trust them a great deal. People quickly forget that the sims were created with built-in assumptions that are easy to break.

That said, if you are trying to get a _visual_ rendering of a rocket, rather than a stability estimate, a number of tricks have been developed. You should really look at Jim/K'Tesh's work on the Voldemort Forum.

To get a visual model of the V2, you put a 'phantom tube' after the body tube - zero length and mass. I happen to make it thick, too, with the ID matching the MMT OD. Then put an inner tube and the boat tail transition on the phantom tube. Put the fins on the phantom tube, too, sliding them into place. If you turn on the fins tabs, they will extend to the MMT. It seems funny, but the outside view should be good.

I've got an F25 Firelily in progress on another PC. I'll try to send it along later.

Thanks for the plug.

He's right that at this time the only way to attach fins to a transition is to attach them to a PBT. You might be able to use the Sim for altitude and flight estimates, but I can't be certain that they will be accurate.

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