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Originally Posted by Scott6060842
Yes, the older one has the thick walled casing.
I bought a box of 12 unopened diamond packs. The first one I opened was all thin walled, the second pack had one thick walled and 2 thin walled. I have 10 unopened packs left.

I remembered I have a similar box of 1/2A6-0 diamond packs also. Rectangular light cardboard box of 12 unopened diamond packs. Outside of main box date stamped May 4, 1973. Got them off eBay maybe about two years ago. Pretty decent price, as I recall. Your’s from eBay also?

I just checked the one diamond pack I had opened, but all three are the 5-4-73 dates. No older dates. Not sure I really want to open any more at this point though.

Kinda strange looking at these (and other vintage kits and motors) and realize where I was in life when they were manufactured. In May, 1973 I was still a few months shy of 11 years old, about to finish 5th grade!

Every time I open a vintage kit I tend to do that; ruminate a bit on what was happening in my life or the world at large when the kit was being packaged in Phoenix or Penrose. Tends to put the age of the kit into personal perspective. In most cases it tends to boggle my mind to think how many years have passed since human hands last touched the kit parts, motors, etc.

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