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Here is the CAD drawing I created to align the fins and tunnels. Although the model is nominally called 1/70th scale, the true scale should be 1:69.46 scale (154/2.217). This CAD drawing is using the true scale. The Estes K-30 model is based on the QTV version (see George Gassaway's excellent ALJII pages or the Apollo Historical Brochure that was packaged with the Centuri 1/45th model and is now re-printed and comes with the Estes 1/45th model) and according to the instructions the tube is a BT-70H which was 7.15" long. By my ciphering the QTV body was 516.8", so the scale length should be 7.44. So if you have the kit and want to dress it up with these parts you will probably want to substitute a longer body tube.
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