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Originally Posted by GregGleason

Ok Bob, now I'm curious.

Did you have a hand in the creation of the Mantis?


The Mantis launch pad was designed by Dan Meyer, Bill Stine and (maybe?) Grant Boyd.

The Mantis pad was pretty much already designed by the time I arrived at Enertek. Bill Stine was actually building the prototype Mantis when I first learned about it. I DID cut one part for the prototype Mantis pad out of sheet styrene for Bill but I don't know if it was used.

My contribution to the Mantis pad was the paint scheme for the legs (black & yellow).

The square aluminum leg stock on the Enertek version of the Mantis pad was to be 20" long. To save money and weight for the AeroTech production version of the Mantis pad I shortened the legs to 18".

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