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Resurrecting my own thread, how embarrassing !

I'm clearly not a computer whiz, but I cannot get my updated "rocket.dat" to work with wRASP. All I did was add rockets using the same documentation strategy as the others, and saved as a .dat, but when I put it into the wRASP directory, it crashes the program!!

I did find Rasp 3.0 (which works on Win 7) here:, but I still cannot add files to the .dat!!

I swear I'm not an idiot: I"m saving as "all types" instead of ".txt" and making sure it gets the .dat extension...don't know what else I'm missing.

Edit- if i go very slow, add a rocket, save, test- it works...mostly. but then, I add a rocket, test, and it crashes, and even though I've saved after every addition, my rocket.dat file is wiped out back to the beginning (or near beginning). Very screwy and making me mad!
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