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Originally Posted by Chas Russell
What would you like SEMROC to provide first?
While this is basically a repeat of an earlier thread, I'll gladly repeat myself

I say to go for the gaps, do the motors we can't already get. A boosters, preferably high thrust ala an A10-like motor (but better) versus low thrust of an A3. Also, a 1/2A booster, again in a high thrust variant. If they're both done in a T form factor, they can be easily adapted to S and standard 18mm applications, so the NRE is optimized.

B14's and high thrust C's. I think Carl said he could do something like a ~C16 in the standard 18mm size. After that, fast burn 24's such as a D20 or D30 (if possible) as well as an E30 or higher (if possible).

Heck, I'd like to see even larger - F's, G's and H's, but they'd all be high power, due to the propellant mass, and from a business perspective, that'd be a whole lot of extra red tape for everyone to deal with, probably not a hurdle a new business needs.

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