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Originally Posted by georgegassaway
I'm doing a bit of research on this model, to add mention of it on a web page I'm doing on the early R/C B/G's.

Is it pretty much just a conclusion that somebody, somewhere, flew it with R/C in the 1960's, because the plans or an ad said it was capable of it? So there would be no known specific person who flew it with R/C back then, but that it was the first R/C B/G?

I've not been on YORF enough to know who's who, at least as far as real names. I'd like to know who had the plans that were scanned, who scanned them , and which "Buzz" was working up the R/C model?

Did Buzz ever fly the R/C model? If so, what happened?

- George Gassaway

George; I was the guy who sent in the plans for the Coaster bird, and sent them to Carl. Name is Jack Komorowski, Absecon , NJ
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