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Default New Years Day Launch in Forks WA

My Christmas was busy building the kits I ordered. By New Years we were launching them.

Orbital Transport B6-4 flew fine. The glider stalled a few times, need to add a little weight to the nose.
Starlight B6-4 straight, like it was on a launch rod the whole way.
Saki, to my surprise went straight up on a B6-4. Go Groonies!
My Sprite didn't eject again. Next time it goes up it will be better. Motor hook is in, so nothing left to do but shave a little of the nose end of the motor so when the ejection charge goes off it slams back into the aft end of the hook.

Thanks Semroc for a great bunch of kits. My kids and I had a lot of fun today even though it was pretty chilly.
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