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Originally Posted by CPMcGraw

I'm having to drop support for Internet Explorer on this project. The reason is that IE simply doesn't behave nice with scripts that virtually all of the other browsers handle absolutely beautifully. I've got Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and even Opera on my computer for testing, and all four of those display the scripting identically, or very close to it. All of them "stay inside the lines", and put display elements where I tell them to.

The big killer item is a single IFrame used to display dynamic content (design pages) which is contained inside a DIV element. This allows me to easily adjust the positioning with CSS and a little jQuery for fine-tuning to each user's screen resolution. The four browsers above, which all appear to be Netscape-derived, place things exactly as the CSS tells them. IE, on the other hand, totally ignores the CSS positioning of the IFrame, pinning the upper left corner at the upper left of the screen, instead of the DIV.

Until this behavior changes in IE, I'm simply going to direct IE users to a "Nag Screen" which tells them I'm not supporting it at this time. I see no reason to write two versions of this website just to support a non-compliant hack job.

FWIW, even IE8 is plagued with this issue.

I remember a project where it was chosen not to support a single version of IE due to some issues such as that and a few other ones. Looking good though, checked out your other posts of screen shots.
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