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I have switched most new builds of rockets that used 1/8” and 3/16” to MakerBeam 10mm rail. I have both 900mm and 1500mm lengths (roughly 36” and 60”). Larger, including most mid-power, I use 20mm rail from 8020 (1” rail is essentially 25mm rail, so 20mm is a bit smaller). My 20mm rail is 48”. I have used a friend’s 96” rail for my Super Orbital Transport. I get my micro and mini buttons from The new minis have flathead screws that fit flush into a countersunk button recess.

Here is a picture showing MakerBeam and 20mm rail, with their micro and mini buttons. A 1/8” launch lug is in picture for comparison. Also shown is my Rockwell JawStand with 20mm rail. My longer MakerBeam rail is silver, which is better in hot, sunny conditions.

I have flown an Estes V-2 using micro buttons, but would normally use minis.
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