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Originally Posted by Scott_650
The Orange Bullet really didnít do much for me, I liked the Designer Signature Series concept and the OB is a neat little rocket but just not enough to get my money.

Iíve been kind of on a nostalgia kick this past year. I saw the Orange Bullet, remembered it from the old Estes plans, and built one. But, it left me wanting for more.

I had a rocket that suffered a CATO and I just felt the need to rebuild. Once completed, I shot some wild metallic orange on it, and suddenly, BOBís your uncle ó its the Big Orange Bullet. It bears little resemblance to the original, but it is orange. Notice how the repairs to the fin area swell, giving it that necked-down cartidge look. (Not by design, the tube area between fins was a bit tricky and added some girth.)
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