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Chris, thank you for the pictures.

It does bring me back to my dilemma of 'what to build'. I've worked out some dimensions, so I can whip up a payload and nosecone that will look good from a distance. And I figure I'll run with that.

The drawings and photo suggest that the Terrier stage flew with a set of fins that look a -lot- like the Malemute fins. They appear to be upscaled compared to the Malemute - when I run the numbers to compare to my Malemute sim, the difference is bigger than I think measurement error would explain.

The Talos looks like its flying with the larger area Terrier fin option.

And the stack looks just like the pictures of the Talos Terrier Recruit.

I'm not going to build a second Talos or Terrier, though. I'll have to settle for less than scale.
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