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Originally Posted by Chris_Timm

Wow, I'm wondering how that image was created.

What comes to mind is an almost Rube Goldberg "image scanner" that was used in the mid 1980's with a Macintosh's Imagewriter dot-matrix printer. The ribbon cartridge was replaced by the scanner sensor in a housing the same shape as the cartridge.

The object being scanned HAD to be a photo or paper, capable of being inserted into the printer and advanced by the print rollers. Actually, come to think of it, the Imagerwriter used pin-feed paper, so I think whatever was scanned had to be taped onto pin-feed paper first.

The image scan cartridge made a single horizontal run, the software would advance the paper a tiny bit, and then another horizontal scan, and so on. Very slow. And not very good quality. But it worked, and was not very expensive. Not saying I think this was used on that image.

Ah, googled it. "Thunderscan". Cost a bit more than I remembered (I never had one, saw Matt Steele using one). Article:
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