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If the Estes 1380 was still being made then you would have a point, but it isnít, looks like it goes for around $150 on eBay now days.

That is where this size has a place, because it can be built for around $25.00 not counting custom decals.

I agree, if you where flying HP rockets then 4 to 5.5Ē would be a great size..

As I mentioned, this was for local fields, on Estes 29mm E16-4 or F power or low power aerotech engines.

I use to fly HP rockets, but my closes field for that was about four hours away and was seasonal at that. Around 2005 or so, I sold out of all my HP stuff due in part to all the trouble HP rocketry was going through.

So I returned to my roots, Low to mid power on local fields 2 miles away. I love taking the lead about 4 times a year with a local elementary school and launch with them, about 130 per day, about 1 out of very 5 students and near 100 teachers.

I also enjoy drones, own phantom 3 & 4 and Inspire 1.

Letís enjoy the hobby and keep them flying what ever size they are
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