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Craig, I thank you for this information. I was inclined toward the 1/16" thick BFS-20 myself (that's what I used in my BT-5 size Nova Hobbies ASP kits (see: ). 3/32" just seems too thick, including for how the Estes A.S.P.'s fins look in the kit card photograph.

For the larger BT-20 size Estes A.S.P., I'll probably "paper" the 1/16" thick fins for extra strength and to obviate the need for sanding & sealing (my same reason for using a plastic PNC-20A nose cone instead of a balsa BNC-20N nose cone). Unlike my ASP kit (which put on a fair imitation of the U.S.S. Enterprise's transporter [now you see it, now you don't!]), the larger Estes version should be slow enough (although probably *just*) that I can actually follow the powered portion of its ascent.
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